There's More To Your Pre - Pt 2

There’s More To Your Pre – Pt 2

Last week we discussed the benefits of an ingredient called Citrulline Malate. Citrulline doesn’t just give a great pump, but shows some nice performance benefits as well. Another buzzword-type of ingredient is Beta-Alanine. Most of us have heard of it or taken it in some form of preworkout but very few know why it’s there.

orlandoBeta Alanine is usually in pre-workouts for one reason, the tingles. The tingly sensation that beta alanine puts

through your body enhances the effects of a pre-workout. Your skin may get hot, you start to sweat, and some feel pins and needles. Although that sounds awful when you’re reading it, it has a pretty strong desire by preworkout users.

The real use of Beta Alanine?

The real use of Beta Alanine is to increase the rate till anaerobic exhaustion and delay onset neuro-muscular fatigue. What does that mean? You’re 2nd day soreness from heavy squats can actually be delayed and minimized as well as an increase in short and long term endurance.

How to take Beta Alanine?

Most don’t know, but taking beta alanine in your pre-workout often times isn’t enough for you to see any performance or recovery increases from it. Beta Alanine needs to be dosed daily from 2g-5g daily for you to see these benefits. To avoid the tingles, you’d have to take 1g or less at a time and use more frequent doses to reach that 2-5g daily amount.

The Beta Alanine Lowdown

Beta Alanine is another good ingredient to help anyone in the performance sports category such as crossfit and athletics. For the most part, we don’t see beta-alanine doing a ton for the powerlifter/bodybuilder/olympic weightlifter athletes as endurance usually isn’t what’s trained for those athletes.

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