Meghan Scanlon

USAPL Powerlifter

Meghan is a 10x marathoner and 3x Ironman finisher turned powerlifter. She competes in the USAPL as a 63kg athlete. She is currently ranked 10th in the country and holds the American Record for the squat at 180kg. Her 2018 goals include squatting and deadlifting over 400lbs in a meet, and getting a little bit better everyday.
Meghan grew up as a competitive athlete and decided to make strength and fitness her career when she went to college majoring in exercise science. She now has made it her life goal to help as many as possible realize how much they are capable of and change lives one muscle at a time. She is very excited to have Coalition Nutrition in her corner to help her reach her goals!

Best Meet Lifts (Raw)
Squat: 180kg
Bench: 102.5kg
Deadlift: 172.5 kg
Favorite Food: Steak and Baked Potato
Favorite Supplement: Raging Bull Super Carb Performance Booster
Instagram: @megscanlift