Allmax Impact Igniter

Size: 20sv
Flavor: Tart Black Cherry
Sale price$ 39.99



    The benefits of AllMax Impact Igniter:

    • Increased energy, focus, and intensity during training
    • Activates and amplifies muscle pumps
    • Transports fat to be burned as fuel
    • Muscular endurance and performance support

    How to use AllMax Impact Igniter:

    Mix 1 scoop with 12 to 16 oz of water and consume about 20 to 30 minutes prior to training. Due to the high dose of stimulants and caffeine, new users should begin with half of a scoop to asses tolerance.

    My new container of AllMax Impact Igniter has clumps in it. Is it still good? Can I still use it?

    If your fresh tub of AllMax Impact Igniter has some clumps, don't panic. Your pre workout is still useable. This is pretty common for this pre workout given the ingredients inside. To get it back to its normal state, put your tub in the freeze for a minute or two. Take your pre workout out of the freezer and give it a rigorous shake. And remember, if it clumps, it pumps.

Customer Reviews

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Samantha Metz
Great Pump!

I first got this pre-workout when it was on sale with the big tub of all max whey protein isolate. I was already getting the protein, so the preworkout was an extra treat and a great deal. I’ve had the black cherry and the fruit punch flavors, I didn’t love either but I also feel like preworkout flavors are never really that great. I definitely liked the black cherry better than fruit punch one. The pump was great, and really kept my energy up the entire time.

Lissy Ditcher
It burns so good

I told James I like pre workout that makes me sweat and makes my skin burn. This makes me sweat and makes my skin burn. Plus the flavors don’t make me want to gag so that’s saying a lot. Definitely recommend it. :)

Bill Ohara
A+ service!

I brought my son in to buy some pre-workout, I wasn't sure about the product my son originally chose, so I asked for some advice and the Allmax was recommended! Thank you!

Al Siegel
On the level

Product was recommended as I was looking for something with a bit more kick .Alllmax Impact Igniter certainly did the job.As I am a middle aged man who tries to exercise daily this product increased my workout by 30
minutes daily.
Thanks guys it’s a pleasure visiting a business that knows what their selling.

Tom Fahs

Allmax - Impact Igniter

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