Centurion Labz - Unrivaled

  • $ 79.99

 What is Centurion Labz Unrivaled?

Centurion Labz Unrivaled is actually a basic product at plain sight. It’s protein and it’s carbs. How original can that be? The protein in Unrivaled is more than your basic whey protein though. Centurion Labz Unrivaled features 25g of cold processed NON-GMO Whey Isolate Protein. What that means is you’re getting the cleanest (and most expensive) form of whey protein which is coming from one of the cleanest sources. The other half of Centurion Labz Unrivaled gives you 25g of Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin. HBCD is the fastest digesting carbohydrate on the market and allows for anytime use due to its low effect on blood glucose. Unrivaled has a total of 5 INGREDIENTS. While Unrivaled won’t be cheap, the quality of this product is truly Unrivaled and we expect those who seek quality ingredients won’t bat an eye at what they’re getting.

How Much Do I Need?

One scoop features 25g of protein and 25g of HBCD. Most people will be using 1 scoop, however you will see people using 2 who may be looking to gain or use as a meal replacement.

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