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Chaos & Pain - Hypnos

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Do you like to be awesome all of the time, even when you are asleep?  Can’t wait to slay monsters with Santa Claus in your dreams?    


If so, Hypnos if for you! 


Crammed full of sleep goodness, Hypnos will body slam you into the ring of recovery!


There weren’t enough capsules to contain this explosion of awesomeness, so we had to make Hypnos into a powder! 


Each serving has:


Phenibut – 500mg:  An analog of GABA.  It has the awesome power of being able to cross over the blood brain barrier! Phenibt doesn’t pay any tolls!


GABA – 500mg:  A calming neurotransmitter that is also responsible for muscle tone regulation.  Turns off the brain’s light switch, while toning up your body!


Magnesium Aspartate – 250mg:  Vital for GABA receptors to function properly.  Helps you get the most out of Phenibut and GABA.


Valerian Root Extract – 200mg:  An herb used to battle insomnia to the death, while bringing forth Lucid Dreaming! 


L-Dopa 98% - 50mg: – Precursor to dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays a vital role in sleep, sexual desire, memory, mood, motivation and attention.  I once knew a friend who completed a “Hat-Trick” by using L-Dopa!


Hops – 50mg:  Makes your favorite “Happy Hour” beverage taste awesome, and aids with sleep.


Passionflower 10:1 – 30mg:  An herb that fights for your right to sleep, without any hangover effects!


Melatonin – 5mg:  The king of sleep supplements.  This hormone is released by the pineal gland when it is dark outside!  Don’t be “3rd Eye Blind,” take your Hypnos tonight!

Take 1-2 scoops in 8-10 oz of water 30 minutes prior to bed to ensure deep, dream-filled sleep.   Warning:  WILL CAUSE DROWSINESS.  Do not take before operating heavy machinery.

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