Core Nutritionals PWO

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Core Nutritionals PWO

Post workout nutrition can be extremely beneficial to those who are looking to get the most out of the nutrients they consume. Although there is conflicting information on the "anabolic window" there is no doubt that consuming carbohydrates and protein post workout is going to help initiate the recovery process and use natural hormones like insulin to aid. 

PWO consists of 249 Calories per serving, which isn't a lot to be honest. This product is NOT a mass gainer. It is a high quality post workout drink. 


This product only uses Whey Protein Isolate for it's protein source. This means that you're getting the best quality, most refined form of protein with very little lactose (milk sugar) and fat carried with it. Whey Isolates are ideal for fast digestion and known for being easier on the stomach. 


PWO uses three different forms of carbohydrates. Dextrose is used to spike insulin while carb 10 and highly branched cyclic dextrin are used to have fast digestion and absorption. 


Leucine, the most important of the BCAA group, is responsible for signalling Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS). While Leucine is naturally found in protein (both food and powders) having an abundance of Leucine can help with the signalling as 5g+ is ideal. PWO has an additional 5g of free form Leucine added to their product, on top of what the whey isolate consists of. 


Velositol is a patented ingredient designed to increase MPS even further when in conjunction with protein. The added Velositol can promote a leaner body composition and is specifically designed to be used with protein post workout. 

How To Use PWO

Core Nutritionals PWO should be used directly post workout in a full 1 serving dosage. Additional supplements like glutamine or creatine may be added if you normally consume them or would like to stack them. 

If you're using a nutrient partitioning product like Core Nutritionals Load, then you would take load approximately 15-25 minutes prior to consuming PWO.

Who Can Use PWO

Healthy men and women can use PWO. This product has nothing in it to make it gender specific and will help both genders gain lean muscle in conjunction with a healthy diet. 

Customer Reviews

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Great information from the guys working there. I'm a first time user of products like this and they were very helpful in helping me select what in should be using.

Great Product

This product is smooth and clean! Favorite post workout product I've ever used!


A quick and easy source of clean 250 calories post workout that tastes great, and has the perfect mix of protein and carbs.


Core Nutritionals PWO

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