Fyool Hydration

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Reggie Hildago
Excellent for Hydration

This stuff works. Phenomenal hydration product. Best I've ever tried.

Stephen Streng
I love Fyool!

Forget some of these other mass marketed hydration products. Fyool is the real deal. I work as a mechanic and hot days in the garage deplete my body. I starting taking Fyool to help against dehydration and cramps I was getting in my back and legs. Unlike some of the other products that are out there this has low sodium, zero sugar, and tastes good! I’ve had a hell of a journey to make the gains I have and my family has high blood pressure issues. So with guidance from coalition I started taking Fyool as part of my routine. So glad I did. Also if you like your craft brews and have a long night out with the boys this can help you recover the next day and be ready to go!

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