Fyool Hydration

Flavor: Blue Razz
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    Fyool Hydration Features & Benefits:

    • Restores electrolyte balance after intense exercise.
    • Decreases muscle cramping frequency and intensity.
    • Stabilizes blood pressure and cardiovascular function.
    • Improves athletic endurance.
    • Supports cognitive, nerve, and thyroid function.
    • No calories, carbs, fats, bcaas, or artificial colors.
    • Refreshing flavors.
    • Great way to drink more water.

    When is the best time to take Fyool Hydration?

    Fyool Hydration is best taken before and/or after an intense workout to rehydrate your body as well as any time you feel dehydrated.

    What can I stack with Fyool Hydration?

    Fyool Hydration can be stack with your favorite carb powder for increased muscle cell hydration and performance boost, or protein powder to further aid muscle recovery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dylan Kanter
Amazing product all around

Product keeps me hydrated throughout all of my workouts and even keeps my energy levels higher throughout the day. Flavors are spot on as well.

Reggie Hildago
Excellent for Hydration

This stuff works. Phenomenal hydration product. Best I've ever tried.

Stephen Streng
I love Fyool!

Forget some of these other mass marketed hydration products. Fyool is the real deal. I work as a mechanic and hot days in the garage deplete my body. I starting taking Fyool to help against dehydration and cramps I was getting in my back and legs. Unlike some of the other products that are out there this has low sodium, zero sugar, and tastes good! I’ve had a hell of a journey to make the gains I have and my family has high blood pressure issues. So with guidance from coalition I started taking Fyool as part of my routine. So glad I did. Also if you like your craft brews and have a long night out with the boys this can help you recover the next day and be ready to go!

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