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Iron Rebel Elbow Sleeves

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Iron Rebel Elbow Sleeves

Important: Please read sizing information below before ordering. 

The Iron Rebel® Elbow Sleeve is made from high grade material that maintains elasticity throughout the most extreme abuse!

  • Excellent item to both proactively prevent injury, and to also treat injuries such as tendinitis, muscle and tendon strains and sprains, and stabilize atrophied or weak muscles.
  • Perfect level of compression to be supportive without interfering with your range of motion or restricting bicep or forearms.
  • Can be worn on forearms, elbows, biceps or knees for that extra level of support and safety.
  • Sold as a single sleeve so you can mix and match correct sizes. 

Sizing: The Iron Rebel® Elbow Sleeve is 5 inches in width and are offered in 1/2 inch increments to allow for a more precise fit. The sizing is based on the circumference of the area which you are going to wear the sleeve (eg. elbow, knee or forearm). In order to get the correct fit, it is best to use a soft measuring tape. If you do not have a soft measuring tape, you may use a string/shoelace/thread etc... to wrap around the area, and then measure that with a regular measuring tape.  You cannot guess on the size and you cannot order what your friends have ordered thinking you have the same size arms. It won't work...promise! :)

How to measure: Wrap the measuring tape, string or shoelace around the elbow, knee or forearm, in a relaxed state. Make sure the tape is not too tight or does not have slack. It should lay securely around the area. 

Recommended fit is the size that is the closest down measurement to the area where you plan on wearing the sleeve. Here are some examples:

Area measures 12 1/4 inches....order 12 inches

Area measures 12 3/4 inches, order 12.5 inches

Area measures 12 inches, order 12 inches

***If you have very large forearms and/or biceps or get a big pump you must allow room for blood flow or you will cut off circulation. Therefore you should order a size up from the measurement (eg. If your elbow measures 12 inches, choose the 12.5 inch Elbow Sleeve. If your elbow measures 12 3/4 inches, choose the 13 inch Elbow Sleeve.)

Care: Hand wash in sink or bowl with warm water and mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry. 

Customer Reviews

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False advertising - sleeve is good

It says PLURAL not SINGULAR "sleeves" I only received one. Fix the title to singular and ill increase my rating.


Not a fan of GNC or any supp shop that badgers you about stuff you don’t need just to make a sell for comission so coalition was great and if i did ask a question they didn’t try to upsell


I like the Rebel elbow sleeves. It's the first sleeves I've ever used. They're relatively comfortable & the performance is satisfactory.


Iron Rebel Elbow Sleeves

Can’t train with out them

I can’t imagine bench training or any kind of press training with out the iron rebel elbow sleeves. After a week of wearing them my elbow pain was gone completely.

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