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MyoBlox ILLA

You're looking for an amino acid product. You always want quality - but every company preaches quality, so what's the difference. The difference is ILLA. Designed for people who want value in what they're buying and will notice a difference when they take it. No more guessing games, just results. 

What Do BCAA's Do?

BCAA's are anti-catabolic, meaning they help prevent the breakdown of muscle tissues. To you, this means that they will help with muscle soreness and can help with holding on to tissue when dieting. BCAA's are part of EAA's and can also be found in complete sources of protein foods.

Science Behind the Ingredients

Calci-K: Albion Patented ingredient for PH correct supplement and food products. Designed to aid in digestion and bone density. 

Dimagnesium Malate: Another Albion Patented ingredient which has very high bio-availability. Magnesium is important for energy metabolism, neuromuscular function, and bone formation.

Sodium (Pink Himalayan Salt): One of the healthiest salts available, pink Himalayan salt contains its minerals due to low amounts of processing. 

Microminos: Peptide infused 2:1:1 Fermented BCAA's. Gone are the days of using duck feathers for BCAA's. This product has vegan fermented BCAA's. A premium ingredient that is more absorb-able. 

Osmotic Matrix: Coconut Water Powder. Hydration is very important for training and the distribution of nutrients. It makes sense to want hydration elements in your intra workout supplements. 

Astragin: Astragin is used as an absorption enhance. Obviously the more of the supplement your body brings in, the more efficient it's use will be. Astragin helps with that. 

When To Use ILLA

ILLA is best used as an intra-workout catalyst. Sipping on this product during your training will help with soreness and preventing muscle breakdown the most. Another option is between meals if there is a large time gap. For normal people, 1 scoop each serving will work fine. For those who carry more muscle mass on them, 2 scoops can be used. 

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