Nutra Bio Casein

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Nutra Bio Casein

Nutra Bio's Casein can be exactly what you need to help prevent muscle breakdown and deliver a prolonged amino acid delivery. Each casein powder from Nutra Bio is 100% micellar casein, which means it's not cut with any inferior caseinate blends. Casein requires a little more work from the body to breakdown, which can cause an increase in calorie expenditure from the body to digest it. Casein is an under-appreciated form of protein and Nutra Bio's Casein is one of the purest on the market. If you're looking for a good casein to try, don't look any further!

When To Take Nutra Bio Casein

Casein is often preached as the "before bed" protein because of it's slow release however it can also be used alongside of a meal or between meals to boost protein values throughout the day. 

Who Can Take Nutra Bio Casein

Both men & women can take casein protein


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