Nutra Bio - Super Carb

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Benefits of NutraBio Super Carb:

  • Rapidly fuels performance with no stomach discomfort.
  • Replenishes glycogen stores for accelerated recovery.
  • 100% Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin.
  • Advanced electrolyte performance matrix.
  • Zero fillers, maltrodextrin, dextrose, or additives.
  • 100% Transparent Label.

NutraBio's Cluster Dextrin represents a true breakthrough in carbohydrate technology for athletes. Highly branched cyclic dextrin is clinically validated to increase performance to unheard of levels while limiting any semblance of gastrointestinal distress. It achieves this by having a high molecular weight and an ultra-low osmolality. Osmolality is an indicator how fast a liquid will move through the stomach and no carbohydrate on the market is faster than NutraBio Cluster Dextrin®. Even better, this product is perfect for athletes and weightlifters of all backgrounds and ages because it's banned substance free. NutraBio is known for being 100% transparent for it's customers and has been for well over a decade. You TRAIN WITHOUT COMPROMISE, and we've put every ounce of effort into designing Cluster Dextrin® WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

Customer Reviews

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Workout Necessity

Super Carb has been my go to intraworkout shake for years now! I notice a big difference in energy during workouts and better recovery. The flavors are great as welI


Nutra Bio - Super Carb


Only tried it a couple of times so far. seems good though.

The Boom.Com

I absolutely love this supercarb for a few reasons. It is super convenient rather than keeping a banana in your bag all day which is most likely to turn brown, and bruised by the end of the day, and its easily digested! I love mixing the unflavored with my chocolate peanut butter rule 1 protein powder!

Delicious and Convenient

Supercarb is the perfect post-workout carb source! It's so easy to get whatever amount you need, take it to the gym and enjoy after or throughout a tough workout. I haven't had a flavor I didn't love, so now I just cycle through the different flavors. I love the label disclosure, so I know exactly what I'm getting. I have a sensitive stomach and this has never given me any issues.

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