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ERGONINE - The Ultimate Daily Staple


ERGONINE…9 ingredients with proven or potential ergogenic/myogenic properties. We’ve taken these 9 ingredients and supercharged and combined them to create a truly premium staple product at an unbelievable value.


You’ve probably heard the term “staple supplement.” This essentially means your “bread and butter” supplements, the ones that have stood the test of time and have been shown in countless studies to yield a positive effect. You take your staple supplements on a daily basis in an effort to continue reaching your goals and breaking personal records. They never leave…they travel with you on vacation and you nearly have a breakdown when you forget to take them. ERGONINE is your premium formulated staple.


ERGONINE brings you the first ever NINE-IN-ONE foundational supplement product, a true daily ergogenic aid. No BS, trusted, effective, and all in a single product. A single scoop of Ergonine provides full servings of everything you need. Simply put, Ergonine is the foundation of every supplement stack you ever decide to use.


Creatine Anhydrous (TruCreatine™)- The Purest Creatine


You’ve all heard of creatine. It’s the most proven natural ingredient for increasing muscle size and strength. Specifically, creatine monohydrate is deemed the best form of creatine available due to the breadth of studies and a whopping 87.9% creatine content [1]. Other forms of creatine have come and gone, like Creatine HCl trying to call itself bloat free creatine and the purest form, when in reality you are just taking a lousy serving size of creatine.


At PEScience we bring to you a creatine that is truly 100% creatine by weight, TruCreatine. That’s right…more pure than Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine HCl…any other form of creatine ever! Creatine anhydrous is the most pure form of creatine, the true biological form of creatine, providing over 12% more creatine by weight than the former legend creatine monohydrate [1].


Recent data shows the key to not bloating from creatine is not due to the type of creatine you use, but instead the amount. We use the perfect serving size of TruCreatine™, 3 grams. No loading phase needed, just take your Ergonine every day [33].


Betaine Anhydrous (Trimethylglycine)


There’s a new contender in the strength and size department: Betaine Anhydrous. This exciting compound recently came to researchers’ attention as they found it increases strength and muscle mass in a manner very similar to creatine when combined with exercise: by actively providing energy to your muscle cells.


In addition to this, betaine shares other effects with creatine: it reduces lactate production, it increases power output and explosiveness, it improves endurance, and it delays fatigue in trained subjects [10-13]. Betaine even creates a positive hormone environment by lowering the catabolic hormone cortisol [14]. And as you guessed, we used the 2.5 grams, the exact amount studied extensively in humans for all of these effects.


HydroMax® – Supercharged Glycerol


Glycerol products are well known for their ability to induce all day pumps and fullness, making you look and feel great inside and outside the gym. Its purpose in ERGONINE is simple…The mechanism by which glycerol works synergizes perfectly with creatine and betaine anhydrous. On top of that…who doesn’t want to feel like their muscles are full all day?!

HydroMAX is the new age of glycerol, introducing a much higher potency of soluble glycerol.


L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate – The Most Effective Form of Carnitine for Athletes


L-carnitine is another staple supplement that has been used for decades by bodybuilders. Unfortunately, studies on regular L-carnitine have found it ineffective in improving fat loss, even when combined with exercise [21]. The solution is L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate (LCLT). LCLT is an amazing recovery aid, and it aids recovery through multiple angles. First, it reduces muscle catabolism and destruction as evidenced by markers of muscle damage [23, 32]. Next, it reduces lactate production by increasing oxygen delivery to muscle, which should result in reduced soreness by preventing acidosis [22].


LCLT is the only carnitine you need.


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