Project AD - Bull Doze

We know that sleep is important, but how important is it really? To be honest, in bodybuilding and strength sports, only 3 things matter. Training, food, and sleep. Sleep by itself is good, but REM sleep is what's truly important. REM sleep helps reduce cortisol and by doing so, helps optimize your hormone levels. Quality REM sleep will help you with fat loss and muscle building goals. Better recovery equals a better output, that's where Project AD Bull Doze comes in. 


Bull Doze is for anyone looking for a deeper and more beneficial sleep. Bull Doze doesn’t have any grey area compounds therefore it can be used everyday without restrictions. 


Use Bull Doze approximately 30-60 minutes before bed. For optimal absorption, consume on an empty stomach and 45 minutes away from eating again. Foods with high levels of calcium can also further delay digestion.


Zinc & Magnesium aspartate: these minerals are often deficient in our bodies. Optimal levels of ZMA can lead to better protein synthesis and better quality sleep. When supplementing ZMA, users have reported seeing enhancements in recovery, strength, size, and weight loss. 

Velvet Bean Extract: this compound can produce an increase hormone levels during times of deficiency. Contains traces of L-Dopa which is the precursor to Dopamine (the neurotransmitter that promotes happiness). 

Colostrum: this ingredient helps increase digestive efficiency & enzymes. Colostrum also helps boost the immune system in users. 

Maca Root Extract: this extract helps improve prostate health & increase libido

Suma Root Extract: this compound helps reduce fatigue/anxiety and can help with digestion. 

L-Theanine: this amino acid acts as a relaxer in the brain. Helps treat anxiety and high blood pressure. 

N-Acetyl - 5 - methyoxytrptamine: this compound is also known as melatonin, this is a sleep aid used to help with abnormal sleep patterns. Melatonin is usually the first step for most people that have sleep issues. Melatonin by itself is beneficial but the body can adapt to the dosing rather quickly. Best paired with other sleep aids. 


Bull Doze can be used in conjunction with any other Project AD product but could be especially beneficial when using Stampede Untamed. The stimulant effect of Stampede Untamed could affect the sleep of the user. Taking a sleep aid like Bull Doze could be used to offset those side effects of stronger pre-workouts. 

Bull Doze can be a staple in anyone's supplement regiment. No athlete can get away with inadequate sleep. This is a product that can be used every night to help achieve quality REM sleep, the sleep the helps you grow and recover. Bull Doze is banned substance and grey area compound free. Shop all Project AD products.