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Centurion Labz - Standalone Stack

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Engage - OnCycle

Milk Thistle                  150mg

Cranberry Extract        150mg

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine    125mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid         75mg

Coenzyme Q-10           75 mg

Grape Seed Extract     150mg

Dosage:  1 Capsule 2x daily

Milk thistle-  (silymarin) is a flowering herb related to the daisy and ragweed family. Milk thistle can also be used as a natural treatment for liver problems such as cirrhosis, jaundice, as well as also help lower LDL cholesterol.  

Cranberry extract- Cranberry extract offers a ton of antioxidants and nutrients that help fight infections and boost your overall health. In nutraceuticals, they are commonly used treat urinary complications. Cranberry extract might also play a role in stomach ulcer treatment. 

N-acetyl-l cysteine- Is used to promote healthy liver function and metabolize environmental toxins we are subjected to on a daily basis. NAC is also utilized to promote kidney health. 

Alpha lipoic acid- Naturally occurring in food Alpha Lipoic Acid is responsible for cellular energy production. It is also in promoting a healthy immune system and has been shown to aid in pain relief 

Coenzyme q-10- is essential to maintain healthy blood vessel tone as well as aiding in lowering LDL cholesterol. It has also been shown to aid in macular degeneration. Co enzyme q-10 will also promote healthy nerve function. 

Grape seed extract- Another fruit loaded with antioxidants, it aids in eliminating free radical cells to promote immune health as well as improve circulation. Grape seed extract will also aid in reducing inflammation from injuries.


Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, more commonly referred to as TUDCA, is a bile salt that is found natrually occurring in the body. When regular bile salts reach the intestines, they can be metabolized by bacteria into UDCA and then later bound to a Taurine molecule to become TUDCA.

TUDCA is a water-soluble bile salt, which is in contrast to regular bile salts possessing both water soluble and fat soluble ends and conferring a detergent effect. This is good for the bile salt's biological purpose (emulsifying fats in the intestines to help with absorption) but when bile acids back up in the liver, a clinical state called cholestasis which occurs when the liver is unhealthy, these bile salts can be damaging to cells by destroying the membranes and signalling for cell death. TUDCA and other water soluble bile salts like UDCA compete with this toxicity and thus indirectly protect cells from death.

Additionally, it seems that TUDCA is able to reduce stress to any cell's Endoplasmic Reticulum; an organelle in cells that serves as a highway from the nucleus out into the cytoplasm, and aids in folding proteins. Through reducing ER stress, TUDCA has been implicated in a wide range of beneficial metabolic effects such as reducing insulin resistance and diabetes, and being a neurological protection agent. However, usages of TUDCA beyond the liver are preliminary whereas usage of TUDCA for helping an already harmed liver is quite reliable as TUDCA is used in clinical settings (hospitals) for treating cholestasis.


Retreat- PCT

Fenugreek                                  350 mg

Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione                75mg

D-Aspartic Acid                                          1500mg

Saw Palmetto                                             160mg

Diindolymethane                                       50mg

Dosage:  3 Capsules daily

Fenugreek- Having many benefits such as aiding in blood vessel tone, lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar, and appetite control. We use Testofen Fenugreek to increase free testosterone in the blood stream, increase libido and sexual performance, and overall energy and well-being.

Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione - Our users will be experiencing all of the benefits from an increase in testosterone and reduction of high levels of estrogen and cortisol. It will raise you myotropic state which will in turn lead to more muscle mass, faster recovery from workouts and injuries, increased libido, and lowering fat storage.

D-Aspartic Acid- This ingredient will provide our consumer with a surge of increased free testosterone, and will also stimulate male fertility. DAA will also aid in follicle stimulation and stimulation of growth hormone production.

Saw Palmetto- This ingredient is used to promote healthy prostate function as well as prevent an enlarged prostate. Saw palmetto will also decrease the inner lining of the prostate, which can cause pressure and discomfort in the tubes that carry urine.

Diindolylmethane- We utilize this ingredient to also aid in prostate health. This is produced natural in the body when consuming cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli. Diindolylmethane will also aid in blocking estrogen.


Standalone has two ingredients.

This is one of our all time favorite compounds for prohormones. It is one of the two compounds that was featured in the famous DMZ 2.0. We are firm believers that this compound did much more than it’s counterpart. This is a non-aromatizing compound, so rarely do consumers have estrogen related side effects while on cycle. One of our biggest pet-peeves were the prohormone products with many different compounds in them. We’re bigger fans of taking the right compound at the right dosage and keeping the total number of compounds to a minimum. Centurion labz did it right with their Standalone product. Centurion Labz Standalone features 12mg per pill. There are 60 pills in the bottle (2/day) which leaves you at a whopping 24mg/day. This is a PERFECT dosage. We had great success with past products at 20mg and we think that the extra 4mg will actually make a big difference.

Who can take this?

This product is specifically for those over the age of 18 years old. Since it is potent by dosage, but does not feature a bunch of risky compounds we find this product can be used by both beginners prohormone users and the experienced prohormone users. Either way, we’re thrilled with this product and we think you’ll like it more than any past DMZ products you’ve taken.

What else is needed?

Standalone is a methylated compound, so we do suggest using a liver support. If you’re using prohormones, you should be on a liver support nearly year round.

Centurion Labz Standalone is also suppressive (test levels) so you will need a post cycle.