5 Reasons You Didn't Progress as a Beginner

5. Who Your Idols Were

Most people start out idolizing people they find in magazines or social media. Most of the pictures they see are of very defined physiques at the peak of their season. The average eye doesn't know that person (male or female) may hold an off-season weight of 20lbs heavier (possibly more). Your progress compared to your goal is perceived as very slow because of this. 

4. Your Atmosphere

When you started lifting you surrounded yourself with your buddies who were all chasing the same goal you were. The problem is, none of those people were close to what you wanted your physique/performance to be. A quick shortcut to success is spending time with those already successful in what you want to obtain. 

3. Your Diet

Instead of understanding food on an individual macro/micro basis, you listened to stereotypes within your sector of the fitness industry, which blocked out logical thinking to simplify food. 

2. Your Lifting

When most people start lifting, the focus on body part splits and movements (think massive amounts of isolation movements). Building the compound lifts with good form and working up in weight is always going to be best for yielding success with beginners. Even most upper level bodybuilders focus on the compound lifts in their training but somehow this gets overlooked. 

1. Accountability

Often times when failure occurs the person who failed blames others. The program they ran, the coach they hired, the diet they were told was the best, their metabolism, and even their supplements. Ultimately, you as the person is responsible for all of these things and understanding that at an earlier stage will create a desire to learn as much as possible. 

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