Full Disclosure Supplements

Full Disclosure Supplements

For a long time, people went by what was on the label of their supplement container and believed those ingredients were actually inside it. Over the last year, we’ve seen the industry flip 180 as many companies were discovered to be shorting the customer. We’re going to show you what to look for when buying supplements and why full disclosure supplements are often the way to go.

Even today, many companies go with the infamous “Proprietary Blend”. Most companies say it’s because they have the secret super formula to give you the best product ever. This could be true, or they could be under-dosing their products. Unfortunately the proprietary blend has been taken advantage of by many and is often no longer trusted and that’s where the love for the full disclosure label emerged.

Full Disclosure Labels
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Full disclosure labels will tell you exact doses of the ingredients involved in the product. Many ask, “why does this matter? If the product works, it works”. This is true to an extent. In products like pre-workouts, it doesn’t matter as much. If you like it and it makes you feel the way you want to feel, then okay – enjoy it (unless you’re hoping to optimize performance through the ingredients). Products like protein, BCAA, and other products it creates a bigger issue. For example. If you bought a BCAA product that was a proprietary blend: BCAA Blend – 5g (Leucine,Isoleucine, valine), you only know one thing – that there’s 5g of BCAA’s in the product. What you don’t know, is that in many cases leucine is cheaper than isoleucine and valine. So you could be getting 4.5g leucine, 0.25g isoleucine, and 0.25g valine. The point is, you don’t know, when you should know. The truth behind this label determines the efficiency of the product your buying. Instead of leaving trust in companies you don’t personally know, let’s hold them accountable for what’s going inside our bodies. As a consumer ourselves, we stand by this movement.

We see a lot of the industry leaning towards full disclosure labels. Here are some of the leaders in this process:

  • NutraBio – Full disclosure down to the sweetener and dyes
  • Centurion Labz – Full disclosure since day 1 of their existence
  • Rule 1 – Full Disclosure labels except for Proteins
  • Project AD – Mostly Full disclosure labels