How To Breakthrough Your Weight Loss Plateau Article Coalition Nutrition

Let’s be honest, there truly is nothing worse than hitting a weight loss plateau.

You are crushing it for weeks or even months. Getting your workouts and cardio sessions completed. Sticking to your nutrition plan. Getting the proper amount of sleep and keeping stress levels low and progress is all moving in the right direction at a great rate.

And then BOOM! Progress suddenly comes to a standstill and no matter how consistent you are that scale is no longer budging and those progress photos are showing no change.

Doesn’t sound fun, right?!

Well, when you hit a weight loss plateau (and trust us, you will hit one eventually,) online fitness coach and Coalition Nutrition athlete, Matt Lee, explains how to properly breakthrough it in a healthy and sustainable way!

 How to Breakthrough Your Weight Loss Plateau Blog Coalition Nutrition

Tip One: Look to make some adjustments to your cardio

At the end of the day, you can either turn to your diet (calories coming in) or your output sources (calories going out - working out, cardio, etc.) to help overcome a weight loss plateau. Now I am personally a HUGE fan of keeping as much food in play as possible when it comes to a weight loss journey, so the very first source I adjust when progress comes to a standstill is cardio.

Action Steps:

Look at your weekly cardio routine and either increase the intensity or duration of those cardio sessions. For example, if you’ve been walking on the treadmill post workout for 20 minutes, look to simply increase those sessions to 25 or 30 minutes, or even change the treadmill incline or speed to crank up the intensity.

Another great thing you can do is change the cardio source all together. Again, if you’ve strictly been utilizing the treadmill, look to change things around and plan to hop on the stairmaster or elliptical for a few cardio sessions that week.

Again, you are simply looking to increase the overall “output” slightly, so definitely aim to adjust your weekly cardio routine first.

How To Breakthrough Your Weight Loss Plateau Article Coalition Nutrition

Tip Two: Increase your non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT)

In simpler terms, NEAT is the energy expended from everything we do that is not sleeping, eating, or exercising. Some prime examples of NEAT can be walking the dog, doing yard work, fidgeting, etc.

Action Steps:

As you go throughout your week, look to take the stairs instead of the elevator, plan some time to get outside and do some yard work or take the dog for a walk or two, and if you are on a call, get up and walk around while talking instead of staying stationary.

Yes, these seem like simple tasks but I promise they always get overlooked when it comes to a weight loss journey. But moving forward, if you are mindful of them and begin to incorporate them every day, they will pay off greatly as they will help burn extra calories!

How To Breakthrough Your Weight Loss Plateau Article Coalition Nutrition

Tip Three: Slightly adjust your calories

Like I mentioned in tip one, I always adjust cardio first BUT there might come a time that you need to also decrease the total amount of calories coming in.

Action Step:

Look to reduce your calories slightly. A small change to your diet calorie wise can produce some big results and really help with breaking through that weight loss plateau. 

When it comes to reducing calories, look to decrease carbohydrates and fat first, while keeping protein the same as protein helps you stay full longer and aids with proper recovery/ reducing muscle loss.


Key Takeaway: 

Weight loss is not linear. You'll have ups and downs and even plateaus. Hitting a plateau is just your body telling you it's time to reflect on what's going on during this part of your journey, and you may need to make some changes. It's important to remember that, if and when you do see a stall in progress, to make a small adjustment to one part of your program at a time. A little bit can go a long way.  

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