Old Man Strength

Old Man Strength

If you ask most strength coaches about the craft, they're going to tell you it's a mindset over anything else. We've seen world record holders with all different body types, from skinny, to fat, and of course the extremely muscular too. The one thing these athletes commonly share is a strong mind and willpower. With that said, how is your buddy's dad who drinks more Coors than protein shakes and spends more time on the couch than at the gym still stronger than you?

Strength is drastically different than conditioning. Good strength levels can take years of chipping away with consistent efforts to obtain, which usually means they take a lot of time to truly disappear. Even the disappearance of strength isn't linear because, once again, strength is largely mental. It's like a trust fall - but cooler.

Once you've achieved a milestone in strength training, it's easier to re-acquire that strength than climbing the ladder from the beginning. A - You've done it before and know what it takes to get there. B - You're not scared of it anymore. Old Man Strength is acquired over time with persistence towards a goal. That persistence is through life's obstacles which carves out character. By the time you're the old wise man, you realize what you're capable of and how 'tough' you really are. 

If you want to have old man strength when that time comes, keep chipping away and stay consistent through life's curve-balls. 


(Pictured in the Photo IG: @BigBad.Santa)