Ray Williams Q & A
Q1: You compete pretty frequently and you're always training. What do you do that has helped you for recovery? 
 Cold tub, Cryo therapy, eat big, and proper rest. When I first started I wasn't getting the rest I needed to be in top form. That actually was the reason I stayed injured, was pushing my body hard and not resting enough.
Q2: There is never a day that 900+ pounds feels "light" on your back, what do you think about when you get under that bar?
Failure is not option. Because most of the time I'm in the gym alone and if I don't get it
I would probably die.  Then you might ask why do you workout alone: I would reply because there is no feeling like racking huge weight and knowing that if you don't come up it you're going to get crushed. 
Q3: Where do you see your future in powerlifting taking you?
The ultimate goal for me is to one day open my own performance enhancement facility that carters to all athletes, football, powerlifting, crossfit, baseball, and basketball.  I love being around sports. 
Q4: Most people have someone that they've looked up to in their sport. Who have you looked up to during your quests for these world championships?
Because I started powerlifting so randomly it's hard to say. But growing up I was a huge fan of Strong man and Bill Kasmier.  
Q5: You clearly enjoy competing against others. What type of influence did your athletic career play in that? Were there any moments looking back that you can define? 
In high school and college our coaches made us be competitive, I am proud that anything that I do I have made it to the highest level doing it. That's why everything that I've done I do with the intent to be the best. Whether it be sports,my job or my education.
Q6: What's your weight now? How much are you eating to support your strength goals? 
Currently I'm 402 pounds. I have fallen in love with rice and eggs and that's pretty much all I eat. 
Q7: You compete in the biggest drug tested federation in the world. If you can't take performance enhancers, what do you take?
Protein is a key. I also take creatine, glutamine, joint supplements, BCAA's and the best legal pre workout I can find.
Q8: Can you walk us through a few of your workouts and how you choose to do what you do? 
Sunday- The day I normally do accessory work to prep for squat night.
Monday- Squat Night and I do leg rehab after I squat 
Tuesday- Work the soreness out of my legs from squat night and bench press.
Wednesday-Rest Day
Thursday - Deadlift/Rack Pulls
Friday- Trash Day
Saturday- Rest Day
I have set my workouts up like this because it works with my football schedule and recruiting that we have to do during the fall.  This routine actually took me years to perfect to where I can be effective on the job and the best in the gym as well.