8 Things To Consider When Selecting a Protein Blend

Trying to figure out the protein puzzle?  There are so many options available–plus other things to consider like protein sources, amino acids profiles, digestion rates, etc.-- the decision about what protein is right for you can feel overwhelming.  

We see this a lot in our store, and so we are sharing the 8 most common things we tell our customers to consider when looking for the right protein blend for them.

Before we get started, want to skip right to our top blend recommendations?  Click here.

1.  High-Quality Ingredients 

Look for a product that contains high-quality, clean protein sources. This means that the souce is one that contains a complete range of essential amino acids in the right proportions and is easily digestible and absorbed by the body.  These sources might include whey, casein, soy, egg, or plant-based proteins like peas, hemp, brown rice and more. Our favorite protein blends are listed below.  

2.  Complete Amino Acid Profile

A quality multi-source protein blend should contain all 9 essential amino acids, as they cannot be produced by the body and must be consumed through food or supplements.  Amino acid profiles can be tested within products, and they are often verified by a reputable organization or carry a third-party quality certification.    

3.  Digestibility

Make sure the product is easy to digest. Some people may have different tolerances to different types of protein, but overall, you want it to be easy on your stomach and digestive system.  If a protein is not easily digestible, it can lead to inadequate absorption of amino acids and cause protein discomfort.  

4.  No Unnecessary Fillers

Be wary of protein powders that have excessive added sugar, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or other nonessential ingredients.  Not only can these affect quality and texture,but they can also impact digestive health. Plus, artificial additives have been linked to various health concerns- so if you have the option, less is more.   

5.  Transparency

We recommended choosing a brand that offer complete transparency about the sourcing and processing of their protein, and any third-party testing or certifications. We have gone back and forth on the proprietary blend debate, but when it comes to protein, we like to see everything on the table to ensure ingredient quality and product integrity.  

6.  Nutrient Timing

We always ask our customers the time of day that they plan to workout when considering the right blend for them.  This is because different types of protein are absorbed and utilized by the body at different rates.  Workout routine also matters (will this be taken pre or post-workout), as you might want to choose a protein blend that contains types of proteins which digest at different rates to provide a steady stream of amino acids.

7.  Taste and Mixability 

Depending on personal preference, consider the flavor and how well the protein powder blends into shakes or other recipes.

8.  Value for Money

We always tell customers to calculate the cost per serving, not just the overall price, to determine if you're getting a good deal.

9.  Reviews and Ratings

Check product reviews and ratings online to get real life feedback about the product. We also collected a list of our favorite blend proteins below so make it a simpler process.  


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