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Rule One has a large variety of protein powders available to the consumer. Although they carry more than just protein, it's safe to think of them as a protein company as that is their bread and butter and where they have made a name for themselves. Years back, the founders of Rule One had another company you may have heard of called Optimum Nutrition. Optimum grew into one of the largest brands in the supplement industry and it's safe to say Rule One is on the same path.

R1 Protein is their flagship product which comes in a large variety of flavors. What's unique about this is that although it competes in the whey protein isolate category, it's 90% Whey Isolate and 10% Hydrolyzed Whey Concentrate. The 100% whey isolate is fast digesting along with the fast acting whey hydrolysate. R1 is macro nutrient conscious and ideal for pre and post workouts. This allows it to be one of the most cost effective proteins as comes in at under $40 for 38 servings! R1 also comes in a variety of sizes. You can choose from 1lb, 2.5lb, 5lb, and even 10lb bags for the customer that loves to commit to a flavor. Unfortunately the state of the art protein only has limited flavors for the 10lb bags. Although this protein is not pure 100% whey isolate, it digests very easy and has a chug-able thin consistency with no added sugar, no banned substances, and no amino spiking.

Rule One then spun off into an even more cost effective protein, call they whey

Rule One Protein Whey Blend

blend. The whey blend is still super pure 100% whey, but uses a lesser quality concentrate mixed with the higher quality fast acting whey isolate. To this day, the whey blend is the most cost effective protein we've come across. Like the R1 Protein, the whey blend has a huge variety of flavors and sizes. It as well comes in 1lb, 2lb, 5lb, and 10lb but you don't start reaping the reward of cost savings until you go 5lb or larger. The R1 version typically yields 25g of protein and 110-120 calories, whereas the blend yields 24g of protein and 130-140 calories per serving.

For those who are looking for an everyday protein supplement, they whey blend is perfect for boosting their daily intake. For those looking for something leaner, cleaner, and faster acting, they would want to aim for the industry leading protein, R1. When it comes to sports nutrition for athletes like bodybuilders, crossfitters, and powerlifters you need to analyze what your immediate goals are prior to choosing between the R1 and the Whey Blend.

Rule One doesn't stop with whey protein though. They also have a casein protein built from micellar casein, not the cheaper calcium caseinate. The smoothness of the casein is unparalleled in the supplement industry and has quickly became a fan favorite. Flavor variety doesn't match the more popular whey proteins, but the flavors that are available do not disappoint! You'll find that the size selection is slightly smaller as well.

Having a hard time deciding between whey and casein? That decision depends

Rule One Protein R1

on the desired rate of digestion and absorption into the blood stream. A casein protein will digest slower and take it's time, while whey protein will be in and out of your system in a much faster way. For those looking to replenish they blood-amino acid content quickly, whey is the clear choice. And for those looking for a sustainable release protein, whether overnight or throughout the day, casein will get the job done. If you're using protein powder to only supplement voids in your diet when you're on the go, having a container of each to choose from isn't a bad idea!

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