There's More To Your Pre - Pt 1

There’s More To Your Pre – Pt1

Due to there being a lot more than one thing to talk about with pre-workouts, we’ve decided to run a small series on ingredients and their affects on you and your performance. Many people take pre-workouts for the feel of them, but often times they don’t know whether they’re actually helping or hindering their workouts. Some ingredients can make you mentally feel good, but restrict blood flow, cause cramping, and many other unknown side effects of certain ingredients.

In one study, citrulline malate helps with upper body repetition performance in college-aged athletes in comparison to those using a placebo product. Another study tested performance in lower body and upper body movements in females. In this study, athletes were either given 8g of dextrose or 8g of dextrose and 8g of citrulline malate. While no change in heart rate was observed, there were positive benefits to the study. Those taking the citrulline malate had a pretty significant increase in performance.
Today, we’re going to talk about Citrulline Malate. Among all of the “pump” ingredients on the market, we believe this one is both affordable and effective. Most pump ingredients on the market do just that, give you a pump. While blood flow can encourage better performance it doesn’t necessary correlate. Citrulline Malate on the other hand does help with performance as well as deliver a good pump. Let’s take a look.

Here are the published abstracts:

First Abstract

Second Abstract

We, just like you, enjoy proof. In an industry that is full of claims like “boost your bench 50lbs by tomorrow with this new product”, it’s important that you research these products. Other pump ingredients like agmatine give a great pump, but we don’t see any research done on the perfomance effects of these ingredients. Our advice is to take it for what it is, and enjoy a wicked pump. Another promising ingredient looks to be glycerol monostearate. More to come on that one soon.

What products have large doses of citrulline malate?

For stimulant pre’s, InnovaPharm’s Preworkouts have solid doses (4g) and PRE from NutraBio has a larger dose (6g).

For Non-Stim products, the New Nitr-ox is loaded with Citrulline and many other great ingredients.



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