Nutra Bio - Intra Blast

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Nutra Bio Intra Blast

Recovery is important. The quicker you recover, the more frequent you're able to train with high intensity. The more frequent you, the better results you will get. Providing yourself with proper nutrition is always important, but products like Nutra Bio's Intra Blast can definitely give you an edge. 

Nutra Bio provides 10g of EAA's in each scoop. 7.4g of those 10g are BCAAs to help combat soreness and muscle deterioration. The other 2.6g are EAA's which help with building new muscle as well as combating soreness. 

Along with the EAA's you get a full dose of Glutamine to aid in recovery and gut health and a full dose of Betaine Anhydrous. If you're not familiar with betain, you should be. Betaine helps with cell hydration and the more hydrated a cell is, the easier it is for the body to transport vital nutrients aiding in performance and recovery. 

To top off Nutra Bio's Intra Blast, each scoop is loaded with electrolytes and taurine to give you proper hydration. If you're looking to recover quicker and perform better, Intra Blast is absolutely a product you should give a try. Not many products on the market are loaded like Intra Blast is. Available in 5 flavors - Sweet Tea, Fruit Punch, Passion Fruit, Green Apple, and Orange Mango. 


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    Nutra Bio - Intra Blast

    Great place

    Great place even better service


    Nutra Bio - Intra Blast

    Nutra Bio-Intra Blast

    Got the dragonfruit candy flavor. Tastes incredible. Best tasting aminos I've ever had. Started doing IF so had to switch from whey to aminos for calorie purposes. Mixes pretty well, the last sip is a little foamy and there are a few crystals at the bottom of my shaker but its no big deal. Definitely will continue using.


    I love this product! I had the mango orange flavor, it tastes great and works well, I'll be back to purchase more!

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