Alpha-GPC is a nootropic compound often found as a standalone compound or in non-stimulant and stimulant pre-workout powders. Alpha-GPC is similar to CDP-choline in effects on the brain and memory. Where Alpha-GPC stands out is its potential for increased growth hormone and power production (1). Alpha-GPC is often mentioned with CDP-choline, as they are two of the three choline-containing phospholipids (the other being lecithin) that can be supplemented orally (2). Both compounds can be taken together as they work synergistically. 

When to take Alpha-GPC

Alpha-GPC can be taken daily in 300mg-600mg servings though it is suggested that athletes use 600mgs to help increase power output. For cognitive uses, Alpha-GPC should be taken three times daily, at 400mg per servings, equaling 1,200mg a day. This compound can be found in pre-workouts at various doses as well. 

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