Jaimie Byerly

Regional Crossfit Competitor & Olympic Weightlifter

Living a healthy, active lifestyle has always been my nature. Growing up I participated in various sports ranging from gymnastics, to tae kwon do, to becoming an avid runner finishing both a marathon and olympic distance triathlon. The void of competition eventually led me to crossfit as a new outlet to keeping fit as I transitioned to working full time. After realizing the competition aspect of the sport I increased my training and focused on developing my weaknesses. The progress I made allowed me to qualify and compete individually with less then 2 years of experience at the 2015 Crossfit Atlantic Regionals. Later that year I completed in various olympic weightlifting meets posting a qualifying total for the American Open as a 63kg lifter. In the offseason I took on bodybuilding to develop muscle symmetry. I competed at the 2015 NPC Xcalibur cup where I won Overall Figure becoming nationally qualified Figure athlete.
Competes In: Crossfit, 63kg Olympic Weightlifter, Figure Class
Favorite Movement: Snatch
Favorite Supplement: Nutrabio Supercarb
Favorite Cheat Meal: Ice cream sandwich with warm chocolate chip cookies
Instagram: @Pb_and_JamJam
Training Max
Clean & Jerk: 215lb
Snatch: 170lb
Back Squat: 265lb
Deadlift: 325lb
Bench: 160lb
1 Mile Run: 5:56.