Nikkiey Stott

OCB Pro Physique Bodybuilder

Nikkiey Stott is a 27-year-old figure/physique bodybuilder from West Chester, PA. In April 2015 she begin her journey and interest in body building, and committed to training for her first show where she won her Pro Card with the NABBA federation in November 2015. Fitness has always been a hobby for Nikkiey. While growing up she played soccer, field hockey, basketball, and track. She loved the competitive nature of those sports, but it wasn’t until her training for her body building show that she realized she found exactly what she loved doing. Many people convince themselves that certain things are hard to accomplish, but as Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.” Work hard to achieve your goals, and don’t give up. The only person you are giving up on is yourself. When she isn’t spending hours training, and meal prepping, Nikkiey works at a local hospital in the Emergency Room caring for patients and finishing her degree with a BSN in nursing. For Nikkiey, life is continuously being hungry. There are so many more goals she wishes to accomplish, stay tuned and follow her journey!Competes in: Figure/Physique class

Favorite Movement: Plate Loaded Isolateral Rows
Favorite Supplement: God of Rage
Favorite Cheat Meal: Full rack of ribs with sweet potato fries
Instagram: @nikkiey_xo