Ray Williams

IPF Powerlifter

My name is Ray Williams. I am 27 years old. I am a USAPL & IPF powerlifter in the superheavy weight division (275+). I won my first World Championship in South Africa at the IPF World Championship. I currently hold the world record for squat and total. My goal right now is to train and squat 1,000 lbs raw. I don’t concern myself with rankings, or where I stack up with everyone else; I work to be the best that I can be and give all glory to God (2GBTG).

Rays 100% Raw Lifts (no wraps):
Squat – 1052.3lbs
Bench – 545lbs
Deadlift – 864lbs
Total - 2438

Favorite Lift: Squat
Favorite Supplements: Myofeed
Favorite Food: White Rice
Weird Fact: His Motto is “When in doubt, OwT”.