Sponsored Athlete Christian Fattore

Christian Fattore is an NPC Bodybuilder. In 2014 Christian won Light Heavy Weights at Collegiate Nationals and became the overal champion in 2016 at the Lehigh Valley show. Christian has developed a strong local presence for his intensity and growth in the sport over a short period of time. Christian graduated from Duquesne University and also participates in professional modeling. 

Competes in Heavyweights
Favorite Supplement: Matador
Instagram: @cfattore21 

Sponsored Athlete Ray Williams


My name is Ray Williams. I am 27 years old. I am a USAPL & IPF powerlifter in the superheavy weight division (275+). I  won my first World Championship in South Africa at the IPF World Championship. I currently hold the world record for squat and total. My goal right now is to train and squat 1,000 lbs raw. I don’t concern myself with rankings, or where I stack up with everyone else; I work to be the best that I can be and give all glory to God (2GBTG).

Rays 100% Raw  Lifts (no wraps):
Squat – 936lbs
Bench – 530lbs
Deadlift – 750lbs
Favorite Lift: Squat
Favorite Supplements: Myofeed
Favorite Food: White Rice
Weird Fact: His Motto is “When in doubt, OwT”

Sponsored Athlete Nikkiey Stott

Nikkiey Stott is a 26-year-old figure/physique bodybuilder from West Chester, PA. In April 2015 she begin her journey and interest in body building, and committed to training for her first show where she won her Pro Card with the NABBA federation in November 2015. Fitness has always been a hobby for Nikkiey. While growing up she played soccer, field hockey, basketball, and track. She loved the competitive nature of those sports, but it wasn’t until her training for her body building show that she realized she found exactly what she loved doing. Many people convince themselves that certain things are hard to accomplish, but as Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.” Work hard to achieve your goals, and don’t give up. The only person you are giving up on is yourself. When she isn’t spending hours training, and meal prepping, Nikkiey works at a local hospital in the Emergency Room caring for patients and finishing her degree with a BSN in nursing. For Nikkiey, life is continuously being hungry. There are so many more goals she wishes to accomplish, stay tuned and follow her journey!Competes in: Figure/Physique class

Favorite Movement: Plate Loaded Isolateral Rows
Favorite Supplement: God of Rage 
Favorite Cheat Meal: Full rack of ribs with sweet potato fries
Instagram: @nikkiey_xo

Sponsored Athlete Lauren Jacobsen

Lauren Jacobsen

Lauren is a 22 year old OCB figure competitor and marathon runner from Downingtown, Pennsylvania. She grew up competing in every sport she could, including soccer, softball, karate, and lacrosse but found a love for field hockey that took her to playing for a division one university on a full scholarship. 

Her collegiate field hockey career was cut short from one too many concussions, and she was forced to find a new competitive outlet. She quickly found her passion in the gym as well as on the running trail. Lauren began training to compete in the NPC in 2015, and after two successful years competing in the NPC bikini division, Lauren made the transition to the OCB in the figure division. Throughout this time, she raced in four half marathons and one full marathon as well. Lauren plans to take the OCB stage again after a productive offseason and compete for her natural pro card. She also has a dream of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.


Competes In: OCB Figure

Favorite Movement: Any Row Variation

Favorite Supplement: Nutra Bio Supercarb & Alchemy Labs 24 HR Pump

Favorite Cheat Meal: A huge burger and sweet potato fries

Instagram: @Laurenjacobsen


 Sponsored Athlete Jaimie Byerly

Living a healthy, active lifestyle has always been my nature. Growing up I participated in various sports ranging from gymnastics, to tae kwon do, to becoming an avid runner finishing both a marathon and olympic distance triathlon. The void of competition eventually led me to crossfit as a new outlet to keeping fit as I transitioned to working full time. After realizing the competition aspect of the sport I increased my training and focused on developing my weaknesses. The progress I made allowed me to qualify and compete individually with less then 2 years of experience at the 2015 Crossfit Atlantic Regionals. Later that year I completed in various olympic weightlifting meets posting a qualifying total for the American Open as a 63kg lifter. In the offseason I took on bodybuilding to develop muscle symmetry. I competed at the 2015 NPC Xcalibur cup where I won Overall Figure becoming nationally qualified Figure athlete.

Competes In: Crossfit, 63kg Olympic Weightlifter, Figure Class
Favorite Movement: Snatch
Favorite Supplement: Nutrabio Supercarb
Favorite Cheat Meal: Ice cream sandwich with warm chocolate chip cookies
Instagram: @Pb_and_JamJam
Training Max
Clean & Jerk: 215lb
Snatch: 170lb
Back Squat: 265lb 
Deadlift: 325lb
Bench: 160lb
1 Mile Run: 5:56

Sponsored Athlete Stephen Teeters

Stephen Teeters