All American EFX-Karbolyn

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Karbolyn® Leaps Ahead!

However#^# Karbolyn® uses a proprietary multi-stage 'Enzymatic Milling Process' to reach optimal molecular size. ­is yields a superior bio-engineered carbohydrate for quick gastric emptying without any side-effects (such as stomach bloating or cramping) that is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

  1. Quickly fuels you with glycogen for optimum performance#^# endurance & recovery.
  2. 'Carb load' in 1-2 hours - not several hours before.
  3. 'Sustained-release' mechanism energizes you during the duration of your training.
  4. For elite athletes - Proven to increase V02 max by 2.18%.
  5. Won't slow you down with stomach bloating or cramping.

Have you ever experienced 'hitting the wall' while training or participating in your favorite sport? When your body runs out of fuel too soon#^# it literally goes into 'survival mode'#^# killing your performance when it counts the most. One moment you are performing at your peak#^# and the next minute you can hardly walk or move. It's an athlete's worst nightmare! Strength and performance athletes have been searching for the perfect 'fuel' to help them achieve sustained optimal performance in the gym and on the field. Thanks to Karbolyn®#^# that search is finally over.

There are two basic types of carbohydrates: Simple (eg.#^# sugar#^# fruit#^# dextrose) and Complex (eg.#^# pasta#^# bread#^# potatoes).

Simple carbohydrates have the ability to enter the bloodstream quickly. However they also stimulate a strong 'spike' in insulin - a rapid rise and fall of insulin levels. This is good for a quick burst of energy but not for sustained endurance (see chart on left hand side).

Complex carbohydrates do provide sustained endurance. But#^# they are slow to digest#^# can cause your muscle`o leave you feeling bloated and lethargic.

Karbolyn® is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream like a simple sugar but without the typical spike or crash caused when your muscles run out of fuel. It has also been proven to be absorbed 18.21% faster than pure Dextrose (a simple carbohydrate). Yet it still provides the sustained energy of complex carbohydrates!

Results: Karbolyn® was absorbed 18.21% quicker than glucose and had a sustained energy response of nearly 1 hour over glucose. Glucose peaked at 30 minutes but dropped dramatically#^#and was spent before 120 minutes.

However#^# Karbolyn® peaked at 45 minutes and was still present after 120 minutes. This would make Karbolyn® superior to glucose for an instant burst of energy and provides enough sustained energy to endure a workout#^# ride or athletic event.


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