Centurion Labz - Blood Rush

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Centurion Labz Blood Rush

Blood Rush was designed to deliver skin splitting pumps that last your entire workout. Why would you want that? Force nutrients to the muscles, train the muscle group better, and aid in building the body you desire better. Blood Rush doesn't just provide a big pump, but maximum vascularity too. 

Science Behind The Ingredients

Norvaline: This is an old-school ingredient used to maximize blood flow. The amount of norvaline in this product is much more than you would find in a normal product, which means the blood will be pumping the entire time you're training. 

Hydromax: Hydromax is a patented yield of glycerol, forcing hydration to the muscle cells. Better hydration equals more nutrients. More nutrients will force growth. 

L-Arginine: Another ingredient that contributes to maximize blood flow during training sessions. 

Citrulline Malate: This ingredient converts to L-Arginine after passing through the body to deliver a strong pump. 

Beet Root Extract: Beet root is used to aid physical performance and provide nitric oxide to the muscles. 

Vinpocetine: This is a nootropic to aid in cognitive affects during your training.

 When To Use Blood Rush

 Blood Rush is used optimally at the beginning of training to enhance the start up affects of a good pump. Specifically formulated to last your entire workout. You can also mix blood rush with your favorite stimulant pre workout. For those with longer or more intense training sessions, try to drink half pre workout and half intra workout to keep your pump going longer!

Customer Reviews

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Best shop

Always know what they are talking about and have the best products.

Blood Rush

Gives sick pumps. Cotton candy flavor is great

Blood Rush Cotton Candy

Mixed Berry and Cotton Candy both taste good. Pump is noticeable too.

Solid Stim-Free Product

Good pumps and vascularity, easily stackable with other products and usable at any time of the day. Taste is solid, and it mixes well with water.

Late Night Workout Saver

This product comes in clutch for those late night workouts you are afraid to take preworkout for. Can take this product at night, achieve a noteable pump and still come home and sleep or sleep a few hours later. With it having no caffiene there is no need to be afraid of using it late. Plus, you can stack with any other product during the day if you want to the effects of it.