Centurion Labz - God of Rage

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Centurion Labz God of Rage

God of Rage is not a pre workout for beginners. One of the strongest pre workouts on the market today, this one does not disappoint. No pixy dusting in this product as it is loaded with stimulants and cell volumizing ingredients. Did we mention it has 33 servings?!

The Science Behind The Ingredients

Folate: Folate can cause a flush feeling. Too much and you'll hate it, but this dose is perfect as it helps amplify the affect of the stimulants. 

Creatine Monohydrate: Creatine, the most tried and true ingredients in supplements provides optimal cell volumization for intense training. 

L- Argingine: This old-school ingredient provides vasoldilation to deliver a great blood flow. 

Beta Alanine: Like the tingles? This is dosed perfectly for a slight tingle but not too much that you're going to be distracted from your workout. Balance is key with beta-alanine. 

Agmatine: Another tried and true pump ingredient. 1g is a lot and will definitely deliver a strong pump from start to finish. 

Caffeine: We all love caffeine and the dosing differs on every pre workout. Due to the other stimulants in God of Rage, it doesn't need a ton. 300mg is a sweet spot. 

Coca Bean Extract: A mix of theobromine and caffeine - giving you a nice smooth long lasting increase in cognitive effects. 

Theobromine: This ingredients helps carry out the caffeine throughout your workout. It's delayed and long lasting to ensure you're energy levels last. 

1,3 DMAA: DMAA is a stimulant that provides Adrenalin, intensity, and energy. 

Kaempferol: May help with glucose uptake and act like a minor nutrient partitioner.

Synephrine: A fat burning stimulant similar (but not as powerful) as the beloved Ephedrine. 

Hordenine: Similar to synephrine is a thermogenic stimulant. 

Mucuna Pruriens: Increase circulating dopamine levels and enhance mood. 

Higenamine: Another ingredient that shares properties with ephedrine. This is a thermogenic stimulant. 

Yohimbine HCL: A fat burning stimulant that adds to the overall feeling of God of Rage. Too much and you won't feel too good, but this 2mg is the perfect amount for a pre workout. 

When To Take God of Rage


     God of Rage should be taken about 15-30 minutes prior to exercise. We don't recommend ever going over 1 scoop as there are too many stimulants in this pre workout. 1 scoop is plenty. For an added pump, add Centurion Labz Blood Rush

    Customer Reviews

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    God of Rage

    Packs a punch

    I tend to be pretty tolerant of stimulants and often don't feel much from pre-workout products and end up doubling the dose. That said, this one really packs a punch at the recommended dose. A couple of weeks into taking it, I'm still at one scoop. If you are looking for a strong pre-workout, look no further. Highly recommended!


    Google has a lot to offer when browsing supplements . On time delivery, and you are also promoting a small business. I would recommend this site to everyone . Genuinely good service and follow up emails on product made me feel as if they truly care about the service offered. Two thumbs up CoalitionNutrition two thumbs up


    Centurion Labz - God of Rage

    Excellent service as always

    Coalition nutrition is the best place you can go for accurate information and customer service that is by far #1 in the area for nutrition needs. There’s no pushy sales gimmick hey just give you the information that you need to help you achieve the best you. The owner James will be sure to take care of you anyway that he can and offer suggestions on how to not only save you money but get you the best results