Centurion Labz God of War

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Flavor: Blue Candy Slush
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    Here's what you get with the revamped God Of War:

    • Intense rush of energy
    • Focus Stimulants
    • Increased muscular endurance
    • Vasodilation and muscle pumps

    When is the best time to take God Of War?

    You should take God of War 15-30 minutes prior to training sessions. Start out with half of a serving and assess your tolerance from there.

    How does the new God Of War formula compare to the previous versions?

    Both the new and old God of War are known for being extremely intense. Centurion Labz God of War Red was well-known for it's intense high stim, long lasting energy and was one of our best selling pre workouts of all time. Centurion Labz God of War Black had a high dose of focus and notoriously long lasting effects (very, very long). The new God of War formula could be described as a well balanced combination of God of War Red and Black.

    What is the difference between God of War and the other high stim pre workouts made by Centurion Labz?

    Each Centurion Labz pre workout offers something a little different. 

    God of War has the most caffeine out of all at a massive 450mg per scoop.

    God of Rage has more of an intense adrenaline rush sensation and is the only other pre workout to rival the energy and feel of God of War. 

    Centurion Labz God of Fire is a beta alanine loaded, high stim, high thermogenic pre workout that starts off strong but phases out smooth. With any of these pre workouts, don't use more than 1 serving in a 24hr period.

    Can I stack God of War?

    You can. If you want to maximize your muscle pumps, stack God of War with any stim free pump product like Blood Rush.

    Who can take God Of War?

    Both men & women can take God of War. It is not formulated to be gender specific


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Philip Suggs
Awesome except for one thing

Every can arrives with large sticky clumps of powder from, Im assuming, moisture getting in the can. Most of the time it’s only one or two clumps. The last one I just received has clumps that equal 4 to 5 servings. This makes it difficult to use as it will not dissolve. You just have to break it up and take it like a pill

Jason Chase
Good pump Bad flavor

Like the overall pump this product gives. No harsh jitters even with high caffeine count. Flavor profile definitely needs work

This is a bit dangerous

Super high caffeine, do not take this unless your body is used to extreme caffeine intake.

Steven Walsh
Don’t buy

No buzz at all ‘ doesn’t taste good. Wouldn’t recommend.


good pumps and focus. recommended for sure!

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