How'd Kris Do It?

How’d Kris Do It?

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Kris Britton is not only a customer since we first opened the original Coalition Nutrition, but he is also our Store
Manager in Penndel. As our customers transitioned from Big Ben Keller to Kris Britton, it was a little different of a vibe. Kris peaked at 190 pounds this off season, Ben was 190 when he came out the womb. Kris is a quiet one on social media, so you don’t see his progress or what he looks like when he’s not in his Coalition gear at work. Then, something happened. We re-posted a picture of Kris on our social media and the very next day his messenger wouldn’t stop going off. It was that day that everyone realized Kris was just like the rest of us, just covered up in a bigger Tee shirt.

Kris recently competed at the Lehigh Valley Championships and he did very well. He finished 2nd overall, but he was without a doubt the most shredded on the stage for his weight class and arguably a lot of other weight classes as well. This was only Kris’s 2nd bodybuilding competition and his first NPC show. He knew he was going to have to bring his A-game in symmetry, size (for his class), and he had to come in shredded.

In order to stay on track with everything, Kris hired our good friend Jason Orellana from O.M.R. Personal Training.Jason has coached numerous customers of ours for diet, training, and contest prep. Jason was willing to really dive in with Kris for his show as he does with many of his clients.So, how did Kris transform himself to look phenomenal on stage?

First and foremost, his prep started 17 weeks from show time. That’s right, 17 weeks of following a structured dieting and training program.

Kris at the start of prep

When it comes to committing to something, Kris really excels, so this wasn’t even an issue for him. At 17 weeks out, his calories were at a strong 3400. He used clean dieting techniques so the volume of food was fulfilling for him. Kris’s main food sources were eggs, turkey, oats, chicken, yams, veggies (variety), protein powder (various), peanut butter, and potatoes. His coach, Jason, would evaluate Kris each week and make adjustments to his diet as they got closer to show day. At 4 weeks out, Kris went Keto (no carb) with his diet to strip any excess fat. Kris didn’t reintroduce carbohydrates until 3 days before show day to help him fill out. Many people are so concerned about size, they prevent themselves from actually looking the way they should on stage. Kris weighed in at a whopping 150 pounds for show day.

If you’ve seen Kris in the gym, you know he functions off of high intensity lifting. That’s his thing and always has been. Jason’s goal for Kris was to bring up lagging body parts to build a nice symmetrical shape when his final package was revealed and they were able to do just that. Jason had Kris focus on the back and legs, which tend to be weak points for most people. As Kris got closer to the show, he backed off the heavy weight, but still kept his intensity high focusing on good muscle contractions.

Everyone hates cardio, but it was necessary for Kris. He started with short sessions (20 minutes) 3 times a week and increased it to 30 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 2 times per week and 45 min LISS (Low Intensity, Steady State) cardio 5 times per week. That’s cardio, 7 days a week. Believe us when we say it wasn’t fun, but it was worth it for him.

Of course, since we’re a supplement store… Kris’s supplements throughout prep (not necessary all at once) are as follows:

  • Orange Triad (multivitamin)
  • Nutra Bio Fish Oil
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C & Calcium
  • N.O. Xplode (preworkout)
  • Raging Full (intra workout carb)
  • Rule 1 BCAA
  • Rule 1 Isolate Protein
  • BSN Syntha 6

Jason Orellana – O.M.R.



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