Your Next Step In Supplementation

Your Next Step In Supplementation

When you first start working out you pick up protein as your first supplement- mostly because everyone tells you that’s what you need to get muscular and look good. As time goes on, you want more results and you might add in some creatine or bcaa’s. Now things are getting a little serious and after a couple years of training and learning how and what foods affect your body, you’re ready to take the next step – but what is it? Without leaping into AAS (anabolic steroids) there has to be something else that can help you attain your next physique goal right?

There is.

Similar to your diet, there are products that can help tweak your body. When you diet the first step is to get your
calories where they need to be as that is the most important goal, however that doesn’t mean it’s the only important goal. The next step is to make sure you calories have the proper balance of carbs, fats, and protein. After that, you start playing with things like Intermittent Fasting, carb cycling, and more. The more experienced you become, the more you pay attention to the details as you know they can have a large effect on the overall goal. It doesn’t change with supplements either.

We have carbohydrate products that are simple, inexpensive carbohydrates. That doesn’t mean they’re ideal for you or your use though. Perhaps your body demands an intra-workout carbohydrate that will digest quicker, provide a better recovery, and more muscular endurance. Don’t you think that could have more benefits on your physique than one that drives insulin up and takes 1 hour to digest? We do too. To take it one step further, perhaps their are products to enhance your nutrition – which is ultimately responsible for what you’re going to look like.

While there are many products that can be strategically placed in your arsenal to give you an edge, we’re going to list off 5 products we’ve had great success with on both appearance and strength/gym performance.

  1. Project AD – Matador – This product is hands down one of the most potent over the counter products you’ll try.
    It works very similarly to insulin, but it’s not insulin and much much safer. It helps shuttle nutrients to the muscle providing phenomenal pumps, a tighter waist, and fuller muscles.
  2. Nutra Bio – Supercarb – This one just provides long lasting muscular energy when you sip on it throughout your workout. You will absolutely notice a difference between this and waxy maize or maltodextrin. It can also be used pre & post workout if needed.
  3. Liquid Carnitine – Added to help ignite thermogenesis without stimulants. This is an amino acid that also aids in muscular recovery. You will notice changes when properly implemented.
  4. Centurion Labz Unrivaled – Quite possibly the most beneficial post workout shake. This product has grass fed whey isolate coupled with the same carb in supercarb. It sparks your appetite and gets your metabolism rolling. Due to the quality of the ingredients – you’ll also notice a phenomenal recovery.
  5. Project AD AminoTaur – When you can’t use supercarb intra-workout due to the carbs, it makes sense to use an amino product. Project AD’s is full of BCAA, EAA’s, and full dose L-carnitine-L-Tartrate. This is going to help hang out to that muscle when dieting and can provide a quick recovery time for being a calorie-less product.

The truth always lies within the details. If you’re looking for more results this summer, it’s time to dial in the details to make sure your supplements are working together with your food and training regimen.