Alchemy Labs Shredded3

Alchemy Labs Shredded3

Alchemy Labs Shredded3

Alchemy Labs has come out with an all new type of prohormone - but before we dive into this new one, lets talk a little about the old ones. There have been multiple pro-hormone bans over the last 2 decades, but the one that affected us the most was the one in 2014. In 2014 they banned 27 compounds and some were customer favorites like halodrol, epistane, max lmg, etc. While these prohormones weren't extremely aggressive, they worked very well with limited issues when used correctly - but you know the deal - one person goes to the media about a kid who abused something and it gets taken away from everyone. 

So here we are now, with a new wave of certified legal prohormones. Sounds boring, doesn't it? Are the days of gaining 20lbs a (prohormone) cycle over? It depends... 

Alchemy Labs' newest prohormone collection features a patented ingredient called 3AD. The androgenic potency of 3AD is 45% of testosterone. 3AD isn't a methylated compound and it also doesn't typically affect blood lipids, which mean cycles can be ran for longer periods of time than the typical cycle length of the old school prohormones (4-12 weeks). 3AD can be ran in doses from 25-100mg/day. Obviously when ran at higher doses, shorter cycles should be used. Having the versatility of changing your dose can help novice and more experienced pro hormone users. Estrogen conversion is also rare in the 3AD compound. 

Alchemy Labs Shredded3

Although 3AD is in Alchemy Labs Shredded3, let's take a look at the complete product. 


3b-Hydroxyandrost-5-ene-17-one: This compound is known as DHEA and is relatively mild in the conversion to testosterone. Think of it as therapeutic rather than aggressive in that sense. This compound can convert to estrogen at times but typically not at high amounts. 

Dehydroandrosterol (3AD): See above for the description of 3AD. This compound is synergistic in nature, which means although the DHEA added in this product is a mild compound, it helps the function of 3AD in this product. 

5a-Androstan-3b-ol-17-one: EpiAndrosterone is a precursor to DHT. This compound can also help block estrogen conversion. Increases in libido, muscle gain, and hardness come from it's ability to bind to the sex hormone and increase the ratio of free testosterone to total testosterone. 

5a-Androstan-3a-ol-17-one Acetic Acid Ester: This compound adds some aggression and intensity to your workouts and provides the "alpha male" feeling. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Overall, a great ingredient for utilizing carbohydrates and can help with vitamin uptake. 

Delivery System

Alchemy Labs products feature their patented delivery system, called Tetrasorb. The Tetrasorb Delivery System is unique because the pills resist stomach acids to delay digestion until the product is in the intestines. Most pill products start to disolve immediately in the esophagus and stomach.


User results will vary based on their diet, gym training, and overall experience with prohormones but most users will add 3-4 lbs of muscle while getting leaner, harder, and stronger. At normal dosing (2 caps/day) the product can be ran for up to 12 weeks long before post-cycle therapy. If you're pushing to 3 or 4 caps a day, users can add 4-10 lbs while also getting leaner. If you're adding more capsules, we suggest cutting down the cycle length.

Our Suggestion

If you feel that Shredded3 is a product for you, start with the suggested dosage - 2 caps/day. Give at least 10 days to see how your body reacts and maintain a consistent diet and training regimen. At that point, you will be able to determine if you want to bump to 3 caps or stay at 2 caps and run a longer cycle. If you do bump to 3 caps, give another 10 days to assess the results. We only suggest this product for healthy individuals who monitor their health. Any existing issues can be further complicating when taking prohormones, so be smart. 

If you're ready to purchase Shredded3, just click this link!

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