Innovapharm Pump Dirt

Innovapharm Pump Dirt

Innovapharm Pump Dirt

This revolutionary supplement comes with a lot of questions. This product was first brought to market in a powder formula, which was only available in "Dirt" flavor. Since then, it has been revamped into a capsule product, which is easier to consume. 

Pump Dirt is a GDA or Glucose Disposal Agent. Unlike most GDA's, Pump Dirt has very unique ingredients. Most GDAs use traditional ingredients like cinnamon extract, R-ALA, Berberine, and Bioperine. This product, however, has none of that, which is exactly what separates it from all of the other GDA's on the market!


While the ingredients vary slightly with the powder and the pill, we're going to use the pill product label for this article as we don't think many will be purchasing the powder version. 

Slin10 - 350mg -  This is the most important ingredient in Pump Dirt. Slin 10 is the patented version of the Banaba Leaf Extract in Pump Dirt. You're going to start seeing a lot of Banaba Leaf Extract products popping up in the future. Most of the ones we've seen are a lower standardization - which means you're getting LESS of the ingredient. Slin 10 is standardized to 10% Corosolic Acid. Banaba leaf extract has some amazing health properties. This ingredient is anti-diabetic and and helps tremendously with glucose control as well as the delivery of carbohydrates from the blood to the muscle. 

Shikonin - 250mg - An antioxidant.It's believe that this ingredient can mimic muscle contractions in the cell by increasing calcium concentration in skeletal muscle.

Gymnema Sylvestre Extract - 150mg - Lowers blood sugar concentrations as well as increases helps increase carbohydrate sensitivity. 

How To

Now that you understand the ingredients, it's time to understand how to take the product. Like most GDA's you're going to take this product prior to a large carb meal. Typically this meal is pre or post training but it can also be used for cheat meals and refeeds. Ideally, there wouldn't be a ton of fat in this meal as fat slows digestion, but for cheap meals it's fine. Due to the potency of this product we don't recommend taking more than one pill per day. You would take the pill 20-30 minutes prior to consuming carbohydrates - if you don't consume carbs around this time, you will feel light headed. 


Enjoy the massive pumps and better distribution of your carbohydrates. Assuming your diet stay similar, you will typically notice tightening up and better carbohydrate sensitivity from daily use of this product. 

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