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I-Prevail Supplements Rehab vs. Rehab 2.0

Outside of resistance training and a proper diet, your body needs two things to build muscle; carbs and protein. We know that carbohydrates during exercise improves muscular endurance by providing your body with fuel, but what's important for these protein and carbs, is their ability to digest quickly. There's nothing more uncomfortable than feeling full, weighed down, or sluggish in the middle of a workout. On top of that, consuming fattening sugars that are difficult to digest has its drawbacks for aesthetic sports. 

Why Rehab? 

I-Prevail Supplements Rehab 2.0 Coalition Nutrition

Rehab is a fast digesting, intra-workout and recovery supplement. Unlike many sports drinks sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, I-Prevail uses a low glycemic pea starch with proven ability to improve power output and increase athletic performance. Rehab's full profile of EAAS, and iBCAA support muscle cell energy production and stimulate MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis.) These amino acids, along with L-Ornithine, play a critical role in exercise as they extend time to exhaustion, prevent muscle breakdown, and help recycle ammonia to reduce fatigue. But that's not all! I-Prevail added Pterostilbene, which augments blood flow and boost nutrient delivery.

I-Prevail Supplements Rehab vs. Rehab 2.0 Coalition Nutrition

How are Rehab and Rehab 2.0 the same?

Here's what is the same between the two formulas:

  • Low glycemic Carb10
    I-Prevail Supplements Rehab Maui Punch Coalition Nutrition
  • 10g EAAs/BCAAs
  • 3g Glutamine
  • 1g of L-Ornithine
  • 25 servings per container

 How are Rehab and Rehab 2.0 different?

The 3 differences between Rehab and Rehab 2.0 are:

  • 12g of Carb10 vs. 25g of Carb10
  • 5g of Pterostilbene vs. 10g of Pterostilbene
  • Rehab 2.0 has 220mg of Pink Himalayan Salt 

 Other than that, the two labels are almost identical, and both provide the same endurance and recovery benefits. 

I-Prevail Supplements Rehab & Rehab 2.0 Coalition Nutrition


Who is Rehab and Rehab 2.0 for?

Both men and women can benefit from taking Rehab or Rehab 2.0 

What other supplements can I take with Rehab and Rehab 2.0?

I-Prevail has a collection of comprehensive supplements to suit a variety of goals. For increased performance and recovery, we suggest stacking Rehab or Rehab 2.0 with these I-Prevail products.

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Learn more about Rehab from its creator Jason Arntz 


Check out our YouTube series 6 Months To Size, where a 270lb amateur bodybuilder utilizes Rehab to build a pro physique. 


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