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In 2020, everyone’s world was shaken by the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you didn’t know everyone’s political opinion in 2019, by the end 2020 you knew it all. For us, we saw the overbearing dependency on overseas manufacturing & transport of goods. We saw many of our friends struggle financially and emotionally because they were out of work with no work to be found. Our company is located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in what we consider to be Blue Collar, PA. It is here that access to trades and manufacturing provides an opportunity for our youth who don't fit the college profile and are essential for the growth of our community.  

Navy Premium Made in USA Tee Coalition Nutrition

For the past decade, companies advocated “support local” but only when it fit an agenda. How many times have you seen an American Flag on a shirt made in Vietnam or Bangladesh? Are they sourcing local? Are their actions supporting the local economy? Is a brand “Pro-American” if their hands are not dirty with native soil?

As a retailer, we can’t control the sourcing of raw ingredients, containers, and labels, but we can control what we put our name on. For years we purchased clothing from random countries to fit our needs- but that never felt “right.” Foreign countries don’t have the same labor standards; making profit from under paying their workers and providing little to no impact on our local economy. We’re not arguing that a global economy isn’t necessary or its importance, we just think we can do better here, at home. 

Black Premium Made in USA tee Coalition Nutrition

Moving forward, anything we can source domestically, we will. From the clothing we wear, to the gym bags on our shoulders.  We’ve spent months on end trying to find domestic replacements for hats, shirts, hoodies, and more because we believe so deeply in quality service & goods, and we know you’ll feel proud to wear the name Coalition Nutrition.  

We're pleased to present to you our first run of our premium USA made apparel.

 Navy Blue Premium USA Shirt Black Made in USA Tee Coalition Nutrition

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