Project AD - Taurotest

Project AD Tauro Test

Tauro Test is one of the top male hormone booster in the industry. This well rounded test-booster is designed for maximum support and management of testosterone and estrogen. If you're deficient in testosterone, you'll feel the results from this product. Leaner, harder muscle is on the way. 

Science Behind The Ingredients

Long Jack Root Extract - Long Jack helps with increasing Free Testosterone levels and therapeutic well being. 

Fenugreek Seed Extract - Increases Libido and has insulin sensitivity properties

Horny Goat Weed - Used for increased libido and has promising research for increased testosterone. 

Methoxyisoflavone - Designed to aid in lean muscle and strength boost

Alpha GPC - Promotes cognitive function

Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract - Libido Booster

Forskholin - Boosts Testosterone and increases fat loss

1-3-C - Can inhibit the estrogen enzyme

White Button Mushroom - Rich source of Vitamin D

Resveratrol - Insulin sensitizer and protects the heart

How To Take Tauro Test

Tauro Test is best used when taking (2) capsules, 3 times daily. Each serving should be spaced about 8 hours apart. This will make Tauro Test a 30 day supply. Taking a serving prior to training can enhance your training.

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    Customer Reviews

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    I know the guidelines on the bottle say wait for 4 weeks for full effect. Even after the second day I noticed some differences in my daily patterns of life.
    By the end of the week I was feeling rejuvenated and noticed some weight loss. I'm getting better sleep and experiencing a curb appetite.
    I'm 53 and feel like 35. I really do think that mine testosterone level was lower than I thought.


    Very good product!

    Great product

    A very fine supplement for enhancing athletic performance